1. Tom Hiddleston doing the ALS ice bucket challenge AND nominating Benedict Cumberbatch. I would like to thank not only God but Jesus.


  2. l1berum:

    there is a huge difference between genuinely liking someone and liking the attention they give you and it took me a long time to realise that

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  3. My mother warned me about cigarettes that could cause cancer
    But she never told me that self-hatred can grow faster than any tumour ever could

    My father warned me that I should never stop thinking
    But he never told me that overthinking would kill my happiness

    My sister warned me about other people who might make hurtful comments about me
    But she never told me that instead of hearing someone else’s voice, I’d hear my own

    My brother warned me about drugs in baggies sold on the street,
    But he never told me about the ones that people put in your glass when you’re not looking

    My grandmother warned me about the devil with his tail and red horns
    But she never told me about his angelic smile and dark, ocean blue eyes

    My grandfather warned me about booze that could kill
    But he never told me that if you drink enough alcohol, it tastes like love

    My cousin warned me that I should love my virginity to a guy I love
    But she never told me he should love me, too

    My aunt warned me that if I kept eating that much, I might vomit
    But she never told me that even without eating anything, you can hang over the toilet and puke

    My baby sitter warned me that a boy could break my heart
    But she never told me that if I made him mad, he’d also break my arm and nose

    My teacher warned me about dangerous men with knives that could cut my throat
    But she never told me that I didn’t need these men to cut my skin

    They all warned me that I shouldn’t do dangerous things that could kill me
    But I never had the chance to ask them if slitting both of my wrists vertically
    And taking thirty-eight aspirins, was one of these dangerous things

    — d.a.n. (the-fault-in-our-scars)

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    Ok Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin, (yes groan, but listen up) has this new app out (iPhone and Android) that’s for people in abusive relationships. It’s called Aspire News and it’s disguised as a regular news app, but when you go to the “Help” section of the app, it leads you to…


  6. Benedict Cumberbatch - Benedict Cumberbatch (2003-2013)

    plays: 70,961



    Oh, the difference ten years makes.

    Jesus Christ

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  7. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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    im bored of life and everything so i decided to make a post of everything. like a ref list of workouts, studying help, writing, drawing… etc! this will literally take me hours i s2g
















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  9. Things I hope people learn in 2014


    • One Direction are actually talented
    • They aren’t 15
    • They aren’t assholes
    • They did NOT refuse to visit a sick girl 
    • The only time they haven’t wrote their own music was mostly in the early days because they were new 
    • Not all the fans are idiots
    • Not all the fans are rude
    • Not all the fans are 11
    • They don’t fucking auto-tune 
    • They don’t fucking lip sync
    • Although they’re hella famous, they are still real people with real feelings
    • tomatoes aren’t a fruit

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    The problem with a history of depression and anxiety is that you can never know if you’re “just having one of those weeks” or if you’re sliding back down into those places you swore you’d never go again.

    100% accurate

    probably one of the most terrifying feelings

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